Arctic® Apple Apbitz® Dried Apple Snacks

Brand Identity | Packaging

Arctic Apple is a Non-Browning Apple from Okanagan Specialty Fruits. OSF is a agricultural biotechnology company specializing in developing tree fruit varieties with novel attributes that benefit producers and consumers alike. Apbitz® Dried Apple Snacks are a fry-cut dried apple snack available in Granny and Golden varieties. The package was designed in 5oz bags. The challenge was to create a crisp yet whimsical, fun, eye catching package and point of purchase display that stood out amongst the competition in the healthy snacks industry. It was important to show off the unique shape of the snack, the healthy image of the apple and the actual product without opening the package.

Apbitz® Dried Apple Snacks

Point of Purchase Display | Distribution Cases

Display cases, distribution boxes were created as consistent, memorable, companion pieces to the packaging.

The point of purchase display stand and distribution cases were designed to work together. The stand was designed to hold the stacked cases and individual packaging. We wanted the brand identity to be a healthy, energetic, whimsical feel that commands the consumers attention in the busy confines of a retail environment.

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