Global Energy Metals

Global Energy Metals Corp. offers investment exposure to the growing rechargeable battery and electric vehicle market by building a diversified global portfolio of exploration and growth-stage battery mineral assets.

We worked with GEMC to create an engaging, corporate pesentation and marketing material that strenghtened the Global Energy Metals brand identity. We wanted the information to be a tool that tell’s a story that is engaging, easy to understand, memorable and coheisive. This supports building a strong bond between the audience and the corporation.


Complete Corporate Presentation Design

Branded Mapping

Branded Charts & Tables

Conference Marketing Collateral

Building Their Identity

GEMC came to Splash with the vision of creating a presentation that represented their corporate brand. – building sustainable value for its’ shareholders, communities they operate in, and all there stakeholders.. A good presentation represents your brand identity while providing easy to understand information for the potential investor.

Clean, Crisp Maps


It’s Important to create brand continuity throughout your deck. This includes branding of your location, property and portfolio maps. A well designed and organized map makes it easier to comprehend and retain the important information. Maps that are consistent with your brand create a strong relationship between the information and your company. This map paints a snapshot of Global Energy Metals ‘consolidate, partner and invest’ approach and advancing portfolio of strategically significant investments in battery metal resources.

Cohesiveness Builds Integrity and Distinction

It’s important to incorporate your brand in every element of your business. What is cohesive branding? Cohesive branding is more than just your company’s “look and feel.” It’s how you show up and the impression your brand makes on the people you engage with. It’s you, presenting yourself in a consistent way in everything you do, so people understand who you are and what you stand for.

Building Retention

A BEFORE AND AFTER: Building a hierarchy of your content creates focus on the important information, entices the viewer to read all the information and retain important facts and data.


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