Services that Make the Difference

We offer a broad range of Design services that will drive your business growth in a competitive marketplace.


Your Full Service Design Team

At Splash we understand that an effective execution will give a significant edge in today’s competitive market. We value your goal to drive your business growth and help you to be more successful through good design and clear and precise visual messaging.


Branded Presentation Design

A powerpoint presentation Slide deck that aligns with your corporate brand identity establishes a strong relationship. Adhering to your brand identity within your deck preserves its visual impact, ensures immediate recognition, enforces consistency and keeps the brand identity strong.

We develop solutions for your corporate presentations and pitch decks that engage conversation and convert audiences into investors.


Digital & Print Advertising

We create engaging branded ads that assists in driving traffic to your website, landing page, or any other marketing goals you might have. We do graphics for digital content like: social media, paid search, native, and display advertising. We do graphics for print content like: brochures, billboards, and magazine/newspaper Ads.


Mapping & Infographics

Much of what we do creates an immediate impact. Clean, simplified, well organized maps and infographics convey your messages easily and quickly. They are memorable and help turn your audience into interested investors.


Fact Sheets

Beautifully designed and well organized executive summary fact-sheets can communicate your message at a quick glance, creating a memorable message that engages your audience while building your brand integrity.


Trade Show Banners

It’s important to be recognized and remembered In the environment of a trade show or conference where you are connecting with potential new shareholders/customers, influencers or media amongst members of your industry. Your visuals are your first impression. It’s imperative that you are on your brand and that you stand out.

We develop marketing solutions that attract visitors, engage conversation and convert audiences into investors.


Visual Brand Identity

The visual aspects that form and overall brand can leave a strong impression, and we all know first impressions are important. We work with our clients to articulate their visual identity, logo design, brand imagery and custom Corporate or IR presentations.


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