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IDM Mining Ltd. is a mineral exploration and development company based in Vancouver, BC, Canada with high-grade gold-silver mine projects at Red Mountain in British Columbia’s Golden Triangle.

IDM Mining a was named after the initials of President and CEO Rob McLeods father Ian and uncle Don, Ian and Doug McLeod. IDM was looking for a Corporate brand identity that represented the Red Mountain high-grade Gold project with a subtle hint of Rob McLeods Scottish family heritage.

We wanted to create a corporate brand identity that evoked the McLeod family rich BC mining heritage with a vibrant energy that reflects the  Red Mountain Gold project and its location within British Columbia’s Golden triangle.


Corporate Brand Identity/Logo

Fact Sheet

Trade Show Booth Banner

Mapping & Infographics

The Challenge

IDM’s Rob McLeod wanted to express a rich family history of Mining in Northern BC’s Golden Triangle. The name represents his father Ian and His Uncle Don McLeods’ first initials. The challenge was to express a personal family history while creating a professional, dynamic corporate identity.

The Solution

Using the McLeod Scottish Tartan was as an evocative base palette we developed into the IDM identity that represented family history and its location in the Golden triangle. Pulling out the pattern of the tartan and colour to represent it’s property location at Red Mountain with veins of gold intersecting the mountain we found the sweet spot between telling a story, being visually interesting while snagging investors attention.

Standing Out.

Connecting your message through your brand and  good design allows you to stand out against your competition by being easily recognized and remembered.  Never is this more apparent when you are stacked up side-by-side against your competition in the environment of a trade show or conference. Your visuals are your first impression. It’s imperative that you are on brand and you stand out.

At a Glance

A good fact sheet/one sheet  emphasizes key points concisely  sometimes using visuals such as tables, charts, bullet points, maps and infographics. It’s important to have brand continuity as it represents the integrity of your business. We put together a fact sheet for IDM that is  complemented by the Scottish tartan that is prominent in their brand identity with management info, fast facts and a visual emphasizes their flag sheep property at Red Mountain.


Clean well organized maps engage your audience and tell a story quickly. Used in corporate presentations, fact sheets and conference display booths, maps can create engagement with your audience while provide key information.


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