Eclipse Gold Mining

Eclipses focus is on one asset: The Hercules Gold Project.With a goal aligning four large gold targets linked at depth to create one massive gold system.

With Eclipse defined vision and specific purpose and a name that represents alignment it was important to reflect a clean, crisps precise look to their corporate brand identity, from their logo
to their presentation.

Providing a precise vision and a specific goal was important when delivering their message to potential investors. We worked closely with the team at Eclipse to develop a brand identity that potential investors could relate to their vision of creating one of the world largest gold systems by aligning multiple targets.

A corporate presentation deck, including your brand identity, that is well executed delivers a clear message that engages potential investors.


Corporate Brand Identity/Logo

Corporate Presentation Deck

Fact Sheet

Mapping & Infographics

Aligning Your Brand

We’re passionate about good concepts and executing beautiful designs that communicate your brand and build your business. Good use of design principles are important in building your brand identity. They build brand  integrity and make you stand out and communicate your message clearly.

Professionally Designed Decks

A presentation slide deck that aligns with your corporate brand identity establishes a strong relationship. Adhering to your brand identity within your deck preserves its visual impact, ensures immediate recognition, enforces consistency and keeps the brand identity strong.

Fact Sheet & Executive Summary

We created this executive summary For Eclipse Gold Mining as a companion piece for their corporate pitch deck. A fact sheet is an excellent companion to any pitch deck. It allows a potential investor a quick synopsis of your company details and your corporate structure.

Property Maps

A well designed and organized map can provide important information to any investor. They are an excellent tool to explain the where and what. Keep them clean and make sure that the important information is at the forefront. Your maps should have a consistent look and feel throughout your marketing material as they are part of your corporate identity.


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