The online meal delivery industry is one of the fastest growing markets today.

Catering to the USD $94 billion global digital meal delivery industry, JustKitchen’s unique business model combines strategically located “virtual kitchens” in a hub-and-spoke infrastructure throughout high-density urban areas, allowing partner restaurants and our own food brands to reduce production costs and increase food output. Currently operating in Taipei and preparing to expand globally, JustKitchen needed to bring this new story and vision to life through their Corporate Presentation.

Providing information for investors in a quick, concise manner is integral to the success of a new launch. We worked closely with the team at Just Kitchen to build a clear and easy-to-understand Investor presentation, which included an overview of key information, corporate structure, delivery model maps and quick key facts. One click and potential investors now have all of the information they need at their fingertips.


Corporate Presentation Deck

Mapping & Infographics

Presentation Deck that tells their story

Splash worked closely with the marketing team at JustKitchen to develop a clean, modern powerpoint deck that represented a company that is executing their unique model in a fast growing meal delivery industry.

A well executed presentation builds on brand awareness, delivers a clear message that engages potential investors immediately and creates potential investor interest over time.

Engage Your Potential Investors

We interpret visual information 10x faster than written information. A well organized, clean map can help your audience understand your message. This map allows potential investors to visualize how the “hub and spoke” system that is unique to JustKitchen works.

Show and Tell

Infographics tell a story with a balance of words and graphics. They leave an impact, are easy to understand and are memorable. Studies have shown that 67% of audiences were persuaded by the verbal presentation that had accompanying visuals.

Before Splash and after Splash

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