Newcore Gold

Newcore Gold Ltd. is a mineral exploration and junior mine development company which features opportunities in one of the world’s most attractive gold jurisdictions with their 100% owned Enchi Gold Project in Ghana, West Africa.

Newcore Gold had recently launched the new brand along with a newly defined vision. Newcore came to Splash to bring this new story to life in a corporate presentation deck.

Your corporate presentation deck is often the first opportunity to deliver important information and to create an emotional connection between your company and potential investors and shareholders through your brand identity.


Corporate Presentation Deck

Branded Deck Template

Mapping & Infographics

Making Information Easy to Access

Providing information to investors in a clear, concise manner is integral to the success of a public company. We worked closely with Newcore Gold to build a clear and easy-to-understand presentation deck, which included an overview of important information, location maps and key location and geology target maps. One click and potential investors now have all of the important information they need at their fingertips.


Mining Maps

It’s important to create brand continuity throughout a presentation. This includes the branding of your geology and location maps. A well designed and organized map makes it easier to comprehend and remember the important information. Maps that are consistent with your brand create a relationship between the information and your company.

A research panel found that colour visuals increase the willingness to read by 80%. Source here


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